Thursday, December 29, 2011


my first tattoo!
it was made by the brilliant tattoo-artist, who's also a friend of mine, Mulie,
owner Thinking Tree Tattoo Studio.

My tattoo was designed and done by Mulie.
I chose to have Nekomata on my back, and Mulie did it so well. It has every element that i like; black cat, black crow's wings, skull and fire. Awesome!

it took 3 hours to finish this Nekomata.
I thought it would hurt real bad, but actually it's not that bad.
And I was really lucky to have my ghost next to me.
She really helped me in keeping eye of Rory!
thx neng Peni!

(design & picture are copyright of Mulie & Thinking Tree Tattoo.
do not use without permission)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

BlackentheBook: Unhidden Realm

This is a sneak peek of my latest project mayhem with my lovely dark friend,
Novenia A.K.A The Lady of the Wolf.
She is an author and also an English teacher.
She compiles all of her dark works of poetry and put it in a book.
And it's my honor to create the illustrations and layout for the book.

The book is entitled Unhidden Realm
is not out yet, but be prepared!
and don't forget to follow her blog
and twitter: @unhiddenrealm

BlackentheCintaBahasa: Corporate Profile

Cinta Bahasa Corporate Profile is done
So much fun doing it
Thank you my Ljubi Ochie "FloLady" and Mr. Stephen "Demomo" for trusting me in designing the corporate profile!

The cover concept is Cinta Bahasa is spreading the love of Indonesian language across Indonesia.

Here are some sneak peek
For complete download of Cinta Bahasa Corporate Profile pls click here

Don't forget to follow their twitter: @CintaBahasa
and like their facebook page