Thursday, December 29, 2011


my first tattoo!
it was made by the brilliant tattoo-artist, who's also a friend of mine, Mulie,
owner Thinking Tree Tattoo Studio.

My tattoo was designed and done by Mulie.
I chose to have Nekomata on my back, and Mulie did it so well. It has every element that i like; black cat, black crow's wings, skull and fire. Awesome!

it took 3 hours to finish this Nekomata.
I thought it would hurt real bad, but actually it's not that bad.
And I was really lucky to have my ghost next to me.
She really helped me in keeping eye of Rory!
thx neng Peni!

(design & picture are copyright of Mulie & Thinking Tree Tattoo.
do not use without permission)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

BlackentheBook: Unhidden Realm

This is a sneak peek of my latest project mayhem with my lovely dark friend,
Novenia A.K.A The Lady of the Wolf.
She is an author and also an English teacher.
She compiles all of her dark works of poetry and put it in a book.
And it's my honor to create the illustrations and layout for the book.

The book is entitled Unhidden Realm
is not out yet, but be prepared!
and don't forget to follow her blog
and twitter: @unhiddenrealm

BlackentheCintaBahasa: Corporate Profile

Cinta Bahasa Corporate Profile is done
So much fun doing it
Thank you my Ljubi Ochie "FloLady" and Mr. Stephen "Demomo" for trusting me in designing the corporate profile!

The cover concept is Cinta Bahasa is spreading the love of Indonesian language across Indonesia.

Here are some sneak peek
For complete download of Cinta Bahasa Corporate Profile pls click here

Don't forget to follow their twitter: @CintaBahasa
and like their facebook page

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Our Rory with many expressions
Photo taken and edited by my hubby Iyan

Monday, November 21, 2011


Me and my ljubi Ochie were models for one day thanks to
my hubby Iyan and my Cherry Ocha!
We had photoshoot in Rumah Akar, Kota Tua last Sunday
and had great time together.
Mr Demomo was there too!

I think the concept was the lost ghosts
These are the pictures of me that were taken and edited by my hubby Iyan
(looking forward to see great photos from Ocha too)

These are the pictures of my Ljubi FloLady Ochie that were taken and edited by my hubby Iyan

Picture of me and Ljubi together
I'm her shadow :)
taken and edited by my hubby Iyan

And I took picture of the photographer, none other than my hubby

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Last month, me, my hubby and Rory went to Ubud, Bali.
My Ljubi recommended SunnyBlow Villa Jepun, so we stayed there for 4 days.
It's located in Jalan Sanggingan, so it's quite near to Ubud Market.

The room rates are:
The Deluxe bedroom: Rp. 700,000 ++ / night including breakfast.
Standard bedroom: Rp. 400,000 ++ / night including breakfast.

Sunnyblow is a nice, cozy, modest place. It's a nice place to relax. The bungalows are surrounded by many green and flowery plants, bugs, and birds so it makes you feel like you are inside a forest. There are 8 bungalows, beautiful pool, dining room. The standard room has a queen bedroom with mosquito net, a fridge, a cupboard, a drawer, and an outdoor bathroom with 2 showers completed with hot water.

The staff are great, and friendly. They will help you anytime without hesitate!
And the breakfast choices are all YUMMY!
Breakfast Choices from:

Western Style
Two or three eggs any style / BLT / Egg sandwich / Beef cutlet sandwich
+ your choice of fresh fruit juice. Fruit salad. Toasts. Coffee / Tea.

Balinese Style
Nasi Goreng / Mie Goreng / Bubur Ayam
+ your choice of fresh fruit juice. Fruit salad. Coffee / Tea.

Japanese Style
YAKI Sakana: (grilled fish of the day)
Dashimaki: (Japanese egg omelette)
Ohitashi: (sautéed spinach)
+ your choice of fresh fruit juice. Fruit salad. Coffee / Tea.

We tried every choice and the winner goes to the Japanese Style!
It has very nice presentation and delicious too.
But my fave is the Egg sandwich, yummyyy!

There are two things that I dislike from this Villa, but these are just my opinions that come from habits of showering inside a room :D
So the first thing is the outdoor bathroom. I don't like the concept of taking a shower outside, or doing no.1 or 2 outside. It's not that I'm afraid someone's going to take a peek, but there are many bugs, not to mention it's cold in the night or rain.
The second is, no jet shower in the toilet.
But I guess most small hotels don't provide jet shower in their bathroom.

Overall, me, Iyan and Rory had a great fun in SunnyBlow.
If next time we come to Ubud, we will stay in SunnyBlow again!

The lovely small terrace in front of our room. We always had our breakfast here.

Me and Rory were playing in the pool.

The beautiful pool, right in front of our room!

Every morning, Rory sat in the pool chair, leyeh-leyeh :D

The outdoor bathroom

(photos by me and my hubby Iyan)

Thursday, October 20, 2011


These are the illustrations for my ljubi's Flowery Agenda
the concept is Flowery Odile and Flowery Odette
Even the sweet FloLady has a dark side
her secret is... to turn all of the people into flowers!!!!!!!!

The sweet Flowery Odette wants to turn all people into beautiful flowers
but evil Flowery Odile wants to turn people into Venus Fly Trap

wkwkkwk peace ljubiii

Black china ink on canson paper
edited in photoshop

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


it's Lunch Time
what's your fave menu?

Monday, October 3, 2011


She's the fairy of eyes got tangled inside her own hair

Friday, September 30, 2011

BlackentheSuddenly: New Black Ties are here!

The horror-fashion brand Suddenly are launching their newest item: Black Ties or as they called it: Suffocatum!
It's so awesome and i have one for my husband!

Suddenly Suffocatum The Smokes of GhostGirl
Suddenly Suffocatum The Shadow of GrimReaper

Made from: Saten Fabric
color black, 72 cm
IDR 75.000

Limited edition

(All photos, designs and illustrations are property of Suddenly)

Thursday, September 29, 2011


I'm trying to get scored on Threadless tagline: A garlic a day, keeps the vampire away
t-shirt design Smoke the Roses
Pls help me and vote for my work
simply log in with facebook and give me score 5 (heheheh) for t-shirt
and click "i'd wear it" for the tagline


Saturday, September 17, 2011


It's O day!
It's my PIC birthdaY
so have an O, a smOky birthday, dear psychO Odilia!
Hope you'll have a wonderful O life!!

okay, her birthday is actually tomorrow (18 september)
but i don't think i can be online tomorrow, so here, have an early birthday wishes my PIC!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Thursday, September 8, 2011

BlackentheEyes: Eyes' Cat

Eye, Meow
Eye, Meow
Kick its red face until it burns

Aye, Meow
Aye, Meow
Burn its red face until it hurts

I'm drawing again! It's been sooooooooooooooooo long and I thought I can't draw anymore
Still with my fave subject: eyes, now with "hairy cat"

pencil sketch on BC paper
colored on photoshop
texture and image from

Monday, September 5, 2011

BlackentheRory: Fireworks!

Rory dan teman2 main kembang api di malam takbiran yg ternyata bukan malam takbiran gara2 lebarannya diundur! Seneng bgt si unyu, ampe tgnnya kena bagian yg panas, nangis deh. Untung nangisnya bentar wkwkwkwk

Photos by my hubby Iyan

Friday, August 26, 2011

Suddenly & Travel Poison Giveaway

Barusan cek di blognya Suddenly & Travel Poison ternyata lg ada kontes
Mayan iseng2 berhadiah.

Ayo ikutan kuis Suddenly di blog Travel Poison dan menangkan 2 tas canvas GhostGirl dan GrimReaper!
Kontes ini berlangsung sampai 31 agustus 2011, dan pemenang akan diumumkan 2 sept 2011
Buruan klik aja link Travel Poison

Suddenly di Koloni Mall of Indonesia

Tas2 limited edition ini jadi hadiahnya

Photos taken from Suddenly

Thursday, August 25, 2011

BlackentheRory at Sugar High!

Rory jalan2 ke cafe kesukaan g and Rory: Sugar High
tempatnya di Jl. Abdul Majid no 99 D, Kemang Selatan
makanannya enyak, apalagi dessert dan cupcakesnya
kesukaan Rory adalah oreo cheesecake! yummmyyyy
Ketemuan ama aunties2 nya yg cantik dan centil hehehhe
kapan yaaa ke sana lg?

*photos by Aunty Ocha*

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

BlackentheRory: Nyapuuu

Saatnya nyapuuu naaakkk
yg bersih yaaaaaaa
*hirukpikuk tiap pagi si Rory rebutan sapu ama Mpok, maid yg kerja di rumah g*

BlackentheRory: Sapinx

Rory lg gendong boneka kesayangannya: Sapinx
pake gendongan kain kesayangannya

Thursday, August 18, 2011

BlackentheRory: Mushroom Hat

benernya ini topi kepik
tp pas dipake kok kaya jamur di mario bros ya wkakakakak
anyway, topi lucu ini hadiah dari Aunty Grace
thx ya Graceliaaa

photos by my hubby Iyan Ardiyan