Thursday, November 10, 2011


Last month, me, my hubby and Rory went to Ubud, Bali.
My Ljubi recommended SunnyBlow Villa Jepun, so we stayed there for 4 days.
It's located in Jalan Sanggingan, so it's quite near to Ubud Market.

The room rates are:
The Deluxe bedroom: Rp. 700,000 ++ / night including breakfast.
Standard bedroom: Rp. 400,000 ++ / night including breakfast.

Sunnyblow is a nice, cozy, modest place. It's a nice place to relax. The bungalows are surrounded by many green and flowery plants, bugs, and birds so it makes you feel like you are inside a forest. There are 8 bungalows, beautiful pool, dining room. The standard room has a queen bedroom with mosquito net, a fridge, a cupboard, a drawer, and an outdoor bathroom with 2 showers completed with hot water.

The staff are great, and friendly. They will help you anytime without hesitate!
And the breakfast choices are all YUMMY!
Breakfast Choices from:

Western Style
Two or three eggs any style / BLT / Egg sandwich / Beef cutlet sandwich
+ your choice of fresh fruit juice. Fruit salad. Toasts. Coffee / Tea.

Balinese Style
Nasi Goreng / Mie Goreng / Bubur Ayam
+ your choice of fresh fruit juice. Fruit salad. Coffee / Tea.

Japanese Style
YAKI Sakana: (grilled fish of the day)
Dashimaki: (Japanese egg omelette)
Ohitashi: (sautéed spinach)
+ your choice of fresh fruit juice. Fruit salad. Coffee / Tea.

We tried every choice and the winner goes to the Japanese Style!
It has very nice presentation and delicious too.
But my fave is the Egg sandwich, yummyyy!

There are two things that I dislike from this Villa, but these are just my opinions that come from habits of showering inside a room :D
So the first thing is the outdoor bathroom. I don't like the concept of taking a shower outside, or doing no.1 or 2 outside. It's not that I'm afraid someone's going to take a peek, but there are many bugs, not to mention it's cold in the night or rain.
The second is, no jet shower in the toilet.
But I guess most small hotels don't provide jet shower in their bathroom.

Overall, me, Iyan and Rory had a great fun in SunnyBlow.
If next time we come to Ubud, we will stay in SunnyBlow again!

The lovely small terrace in front of our room. We always had our breakfast here.

Me and Rory were playing in the pool.

The beautiful pool, right in front of our room!

Every morning, Rory sat in the pool chair, leyeh-leyeh :D

The outdoor bathroom

(photos by me and my hubby Iyan)


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