Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Monday, June 28, 2010


I drew this as a birthday gift to FloLady Ochie
And then printed it on a white tank-top
Even the Ghost of FloLady has wings, the floweriest ones!

Friday, June 25, 2010



Odilia told me that my Devil Seb, sent us something, so Odilia immediately sent mine.
And when i open the package
it was, not 1, not 2, not even 3, BUT 4! 4 EMILY THE STRANGE COMICS
allll the way from France!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm smiling all day long
and still smiling

thx my devilllll

so me and rory read them together
Even Rory is excited to see it!
She didn't want to let it go
hey girl, it's mine HOHOHOOHOHO

Thursday, June 17, 2010


The Ladies of June by Tatiana
This is beautiful like always, genius and unique
I can't believe my ghostmaster Tatiana actually made this for me and FloLady
this is too good to be true
thx mastaaaaaa, looove itttttt

Blacken & Flowery Day by my P.I.C Odilia
It's black and beautiful
so proud and honor to be her P.I.C!

have a very happy (or should i say gloomy? :D) birthday, dear dark sisters from Suddenly Sudden by Cecilia Hidayat
so cuteeeee
look at me and Ochieeeee.... lol
thx Cecilia

and some awesome writings too:

by Master of the Darklings, the pimp daddy JiiPee Korpela
*hiC* ...on thhish vherhy sphechial dhay I, Dhaddhy Dharkling whhish tho... eh... ummm... *pssssttt* ...I thhink your mhaghentha mhonstherr is shucking on mhy thoes? Chhould you... ah, thhanks. Sho... as I whas shaying, I whhish thho fhormhallhy chonghrathulhate you, our dhangherhoushly bheloved Nhanny, the hhearthless... Abhyss phusher fhhor bheing jhust a whee bhit mhore evhil thoday thhan you whhere yestherdhay. *hiC* ...Thhe Dharklhingsh whhish you sthay whhith us fhor mhany o.Okhy yearsh tho chome, bhechause... *deep sigh* ...whho elshe whhould fheed thhat mhenache fhresh shhthrawbherrhies if nhot you? *hiC* ?

by Dark Lady Taeri Nilsson
This is just the beginning...
but there is more to come....
Birthday wishes, for the day is still young...
So have another drink while you wait...
or put another piece of cake on your plate..
...as for me, my darklings...
I need to really get this hair out of my gum....

by Novenia Widjaja
For my dark sister, Yola..

May dark curses of wishes surrounds you on this day,
Darkness will comfort your bleeding soul..
Gloom be thy heart in such a joy..
On such a birthday as it is now,
May you have sorrowfully glee of total bliss..
May you condemnly blessed for the coming years..
And may our foe of friendship lasts for eternity..

Hatredly loving you, my sister in darkness..

I really thank all of you who made these genius, awesome, dark, cute artworks and writings
just for me and FloLady's birthday.
I heart all of Thee

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


you are my angel, my saviour, my red rose, my soulmate

✿ ♥ happy flowery birthday moja ljubi FloLady ♥ ✿
although we can't celebrate it together
i wish you'll have the floweriest day and may all your flowery dreams come true


Moja Ljubi, FloLady is engaged!!!
And I will be the Woman of Honour!

So this is the illustration that I made for the announcement card.
But they decided not to use it to make it more formal.

congratulation Ljubi and Mr. Demomo!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

BlackentheTribute: Odilia

She's my PIC
my problem solver
the thinker, the ghost, the smoker, the silence

Her magical puff hands can never stop making arts!
The talented Odilia!
proud to be your PIC, neng!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

BlackentheTribute: Tatiana

She is my third twin
She's my angel/devil
She's my biatch daughter
She's my best friend
She's my unbiological sister
She's my companion in palem cafe, eating indomie with egg
She's my companion in endless nights, watching Friends with my disco lamp
She's my Pok, my Tatiana, my Pokimir daughta of Boromir

I used to envy her skill, her beauty and her attitude during college
but now I just adore her and her works
Love my Mastaaaa <3

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

BlackentheTribute: FloLady Ochie

She is my twinny
my best friend
my ultimate power
my copywriter
my soulmate
my flowery june
she's a very very talented writer, i'm in love with her poems and writings
and she's even a very good illustrator!

she's my everything
moja ljubi FloLady

love n miss you twinny

Happy June Ljubiiii <3>