Friday, November 30, 2012

BlackentheSilentia: 30 Days Drawing Challenge: Day 15 - 21

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week 3!

Day 15
"Silentia is wearing her mourning dress. She's ready for a long dark holiday"

 Day 16
"Silentia has a secret room filled with many voodoo dolls"

 Day 17
Thing that makes you happy
"Voodoo-ing random people always makes Silentia happy"

 Day 18
"Skin Skunk Anansie"

another fast drawing T_____T

Day 19
Brain crack
"Have you ever heard the sound? Of your head in the ground And you're afraid to say And it won't go away
That's the sound of your brain cracking That's the sound of your brain cracking That's the sound of your brain cracking That's the sound of your brain cracking"

-Tracy Bonham - Braincrack- 

 Day 20
An object near you!
"Silentia loves her Venus ManTrap."

Day 21
Something disgusting and repulsive.
"Silentia thinks that fairy is disgusting."

BlackentheTribute: PIC & Masta

 Tribute | Hellcome my PIC | Pensmok

Tribute | "Let's have s*** together! | POLKAPOK

mastaaa maaap g gatau knp kl bikin lo kok slalu polka2????

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

BlackentheSilentia: 30 Days Drawing Challenge: Day 8 - 14

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week 2!

Day 8:
Silentia means...
"Silentia means a silent utopia"

Day 9:
Dream Job
"Silentia's dream job is to become the Devil's Chef"

fast drawing, did this between "12 designs in one night deadline"

 Day 10

Scary Momet
"Silentia's scariest moment is when everything becomes colorful....

(but luckily it was only a dream)"

another fast drawing :((((

 Day 11

Movie Poster: Orphan
"There's something wrong with Silentia."

#Tribute to Esther#

 Day 12:

Silentia's Origin
"Long, long, loooooong time ago.
Silentia came to Earth as a meteor
and killed all the dinosaurs..."

 Day 13:

"One day, Silentia got bored,
so she stole Wonka's Hair Toffee
and made ME hairy!!!"

The fastest Silentia I ever made!

 Day 14

"Eyes See You"

Thursday, November 22, 2012

BlackentheTribute: FloLady

Tribute | "tightly inside the flowery sins"

Maaap kl ga mirips ljubiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

BlackentheTribute: Bjork

Tribute | "you fall in love zing boom"

Friday, November 16, 2012



*gambar ini BUKAN gambar si cabimon Winda, memang kebetulan saja namanya sama, 

g bikinnya di tengah deadlines yg menggila!
lo kudu like ga boleh protesssssssssss
hahahahha *kejam mode ON

Monday, November 12, 2012

BlackentheUR: Unused Illustrations

Some unused illustrations that I made for Unhidden Realm new re-design book

(Pencil colour on canson paper)

Friday, November 9, 2012

BlackentheSilentia: 30 Days Drawing Challenge: Day 1 - 7

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#30DaysDrawingChallenge by @GambarHarian

wish me luck!

Day 1:

meet Silentia

Day 2:
Inner Beauty
"Silentia believes if people have inner beauty, they will have inner darkness too"

doesn't have time for coloring T__T

 Day 3:

Imaginary Friend
"I AM Silentia's Imaginary friend"

perhaps one day she got bored and created ME as her imaginary friend
or maybe
we're all just her imaginary friends......

HATE her here!
what's wrong with her?

 Day 4:

Super Villain
"Silentia met the Super Villains, defeated them and became the NEW Super Villain"

how come my drawing is always dirty T___T

 Day 5:

Siamese Twins
"Silentia always discussing her problems with the siamese twins fairy godmother that live inside her head."

 Day 6:

Poisonous Apples
"When Silentia becomes an elderly person, she will give poisonous apples FOR FREE"

Day 7:
Scene From A Movie
"Leave us in peace"
Grace - The Others

Sunday, November 4, 2012

BlackentheTribute: Lost & Learn: Bella

Tribute |
"I killed Sirius Black"

another midnite doodling
still learning

Friday, November 2, 2012

BlackentheTribute: Lost and Learn: PJ

midnite doodling

"I lost my heart
Under the bridge
Down by the water
(down by the water)
I took her hand
(I took her hand)"

(Down by the Water)