Wednesday, November 28, 2012

BlackentheSilentia: 30 Days Drawing Challenge: Day 8 - 14

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week 2!

Day 8:
Silentia means...
"Silentia means a silent utopia"

Day 9:
Dream Job
"Silentia's dream job is to become the Devil's Chef"

fast drawing, did this between "12 designs in one night deadline"

 Day 10

Scary Momet
"Silentia's scariest moment is when everything becomes colorful....

(but luckily it was only a dream)"

another fast drawing :((((

 Day 11

Movie Poster: Orphan
"There's something wrong with Silentia."

#Tribute to Esther#

 Day 12:

Silentia's Origin
"Long, long, loooooong time ago.
Silentia came to Earth as a meteor
and killed all the dinosaurs..."

 Day 13:

"One day, Silentia got bored,
so she stole Wonka's Hair Toffee
and made ME hairy!!!"

The fastest Silentia I ever made!

 Day 14

"Eyes See You"