Monday, April 29, 2013

BlackentheSilentia: Firebird

Silentia decided to do some ballet and became Firebird!

I wanna make some Silentias in Dark Ballerina version, tribute for my ljubi FloLady
but this original artwork will go to my talented daughter Tatiana!

Check out Silentia as Odile

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

BlackentheExhibition: Back to Basic ReuseArt Polaroid

I was challenged to do Back to Basic ReuseArt Exhibition 
This exhibition was quite difficult because the medium for illustration was not paper or canvas
but polaroid!

I finally made the Lil Grim Reaper Polaroid

The opening was held together with Flea Market Kemang
It was so much fun
I get to meet many talented illustrators and see their awesome works!

Thank you for inviting me, ArtMediumStore and IdealistProject
Hope I can join the next Back to Basic Exhibition

 Atreyu, Mahendra Nazar and me at Artist Talk

Lilyper (Lil Grim Reaper)

 Tatiana and my polaroid

Love Tatiana's work!

All of these awesome polaroids
will be displayed in That's Life Coffee
April 13 at 12:00am until April 27 at 9:00pm

So please come :)

All of the photos are taken from Suddenly
thank you neng Odilia for the pics

BlackentheArtTrade: Atreyu

I got the chance to trade Artwork with Atreyu Moniaga
I met him at Back to Basic Exhibition / Flea Market Kemang
Trade this original artwork with my Silentia Odile

It's an honour and I love his artwork very much
Thanks Atreyu!

Monday, April 1, 2013

BlackentheReUseArt: Lilyper

So honoured and happy to join
Back to Basic
ReuseArt Polaroid Exhibition.

This exhibition is held by 
ArtMedium Store and IdealistProject.

For my polaroid, I made Lilyper
She's a grim reaper in training.
since she's still learning, she doesn't have a scythe yet XD

The concept of Lilyper was taken from 
 a belief that a picture can steal your soul.
So I draw a cute lil grim reaper as a symbol of the soul-stealer.

So please come to Back to Basic Exhibition!