Monday, December 21, 2009


rory by Tatiana <3 style="text-align: center;">This is Rory's belly when she is 32 weeks

These creative yet twisted nursery rhymes are made by
Rory's Aunties and me
i love them all

O my flowery Rory,
why you are so naughty,
can't you see your mommy,
rubbing at her tummy,
so you can feel very comfy
by Flolady Ochie

(with the music from "one hand in my pocket" by alanis)
she's deadly and she's flowery
she's smokey and she's drunk
she's poopy and her mom's real pissed...
but she's got one hand in her pocket,
and the other one's reaching the toilet flush
by Popok Tatiana Romanova

don't you worry
when your tummy
goes all floppy
i'll be ready...
train your potty
all your poopy
will be jolly
when your potty
done and ready
no more floppy
in your tummy
so no worry
darling rory
by Popok Tatiana Romanova

sleep oh sleep my baby Berlin
the one who can't stop kickin'
inside me tummy just spinnin' spinnin'
tickle, tickle Rory darlin'
your punch just makes me laughin'
so sleep now my Laureline
and tomorrow we can all just playin'
by me

whether it's mango, or milk choco
or tebo and noodle with chilli-O
my rory keeps growing but not so fatso
a chubby-snowy-ball she is numero uno
by me

not a drum nor a door
not a thump nor a knock
hear no sound yet it's real
oh.. it just ROARy that you feel
by Gracelia

anxious, worried, surprise, confused
a slight of happiness
grow grew grown
ultimate happiness & blessed
by Gracelia

come out come out rory...
we have a date with the potty...
but don't tell mommy...
she will bang bang kill me
by Popok Tatiana Romanova

The clouds grow stormy, the sky goes dark
The hellspawn is soon to arrive
Listen for when it screams "im alive"
All the best my dark nanny for the birth of rory
And tell them a dark story
by Esmeralda BloodyQueen

Cast out from heaven a dark soul is sent
little Rory with angel wings broken and bent
Falling to earth for evil is Rory's soul
Sent down in a bloody bowl
Falling - Nearing hell
Then feeling a black magic spell
Angel wings turn hard into bat leather
Demon wings grow without an angelic feather
Arriving to earth on a dark night
Behold the demon spawn by the moonlight
Dark souled Rory is here
To bring hate and fear
Into the hearts of all men on earth
Nanny is chosen for the birth
The dark nanny a perfect vessel for Rory
So tell all of this dark and bloody story...
by Esmeralda BloodyQueen

Thank you girls for your twisted rhymes for Rory,
she'll love them!

Friday, December 11, 2009


a Lotus inside a bloodless little lady

can you see a lotus in her?

a lotus blooms a wicked beauty

sometimes pale

or just look at a lotus in her!

blooms in the night and fades in a scorched sky

:turns to ashes, dear cloud!

and i wonder about a lotus in her…

dancing around behind the full moon

a lotus covered in a pale thick blood

sell her another dust-she buys you another blood

a blood of her own i guess, it was her lotus anyway

so i’m sure i see a lotus in her, one last time…

The Amaranthine Girl

she sleeps in amaranthine

dies in amaranthine

as the deep red fades to purple

she lingers in aeon

and chooses to run in a perfect circle

chooses not to stop

and keeps running ’till the next ring

then still running

quest for her utopia

she gazes at her amaranthine

a pale look in her eyes tells me something funny;

"if the hero dies and the heroine survives, will she be happy?"

"if the amaranthine stays red, if the amaranthine remains purple, will she be glad?"

"if the circle is broken, will she still be running?"

is it for real? i can’t stay long and the amaranthine girl in her shouldn’t stay too long

i can’t watch her turns into another amaranthine….

a matter of lustrous

I post a ghost?

fill every lost at every cost

ghost of the wanted-most

like a rose

it smell like strawberry-toast

I can see every lonely me in every ghost that I toss

like a cherry-sauce

inside a winter-heart, such a beautiful frost

it’s just another unnoticed-pause

I just fill it with posting a ghost

every cost

it’s just a matter of lustrous…

I Shall Greet Tomorrow with Sorrow

shall i greet tomorrow?

For it is just a place and time that i borrowed–from a friendly black crow

she answered me, "You shall greet tomorrow with sorrow

‘Cause the sky is bleeding,

creating an absorbing useless clash

but then,

you shall greet the day after tomorrow with joy!

eventhough you have lost daughters and all

but do you now about a purple poisonous bug?

she bit you hard–but you’ll be fine!

for the bug will vanish and the venom will dry

you shall greet the day after tomorrow with joy!"

Maybe…i do not know

i even can’t tell which one is cow and which one is crow!

but today the venom’s starting to dry

and tomorrow will be bugless

then i shall greet the day after tomorrow with joy!

I've Found My Twin

i've found my twin inside the blood
caught inside
Hail of red
and too late to be saved
as she is bleeding to death
tears become blood
and so i pray
inside my fire

i've found my twin inside the fire
and too late to be saved
as the night deepened
the Great red blacken her
so i pray
inside my blood

The Four-Leaves-Clover

the first
was stolen by
mother and father

the second
was torn by
beloved sister

couldn't be
the third keeper

and now
hoping the last
will be luckier

hold on
to me,
a single-
a sinner
a beginner
i died
my own

Everytime My Twin is Here

everytime she’s here -- my twinsister...

means i have to share my bread and butter

i have to share my bed

and always stay up very late

i will have a cough or a fever

or she will bring a cold, stomachache or whatever!

i have to be a heart pink

and we have to eat together, everything

she will be blue stars

and bought a lot of chocolate bars

and i never like chocolate that far!

i have to share my friends with her

and walk all over the town in the summer

means i have to share all of things

my soap, my noodle and even my cousins!

But why am i always sad, when she’s gone?

i always cry and mad and it hurts to my bone

i felt lost and wrong

everytime she walks home alone

and when i came into my room

i realize how it was -- very very gloom!

i know that now i don’t have to share all of my things

my soap, my noodle and even my cousins!

so why i am so sad

and it feels so bad

when i realize that

i can’t stay up and just chat

about our imaginary world

or just share our fever and cold?

can i see her soon?

cos i don’t mind to share my spoon...

can i see her right away?

i promise i will be with her all day

and listen to everything she says...

so can i see her now?

can i hold her now?

and be with her forever?

(this was made before FloLady Ochie moved to Jakarta and we only saw each other once a year. Picture by Odilia Fenny.)


is a Silhouette
that lurking in a silent world
of her shadow

Silentia's Tree of Life


Fake? Manipulation? Unnatural?
Cheat? Denial?
Masked? Unreal?

Oh, i just called it
freedom in my narcisstic mind...

Thursday, December 10, 2009


A collection of work of freedom
No silly revisions, no crazy clients.

Birthday Card June 09 for my twinny FloLady Ochie

A Birthday Vignette for my hubby

Pins for EXE Motion Graphic

Character Options for band 'Everybody Loves Irene'
(canceled project)

Rory's babyshower pins

Flolady's special namecards
Flolady's special namecards (option)
Flolady's special namecards (the old one)

Ewi's card

Holiday Card for my PIC Peni

Xmas Card for Ocha the Bananacherry Girl

Xmas Card for my daughta Tatiana poki chan


Visit the graveyards of GhostGirl and GrimReaper


We embrace the gloom
We are made for each other in bloom
We are children of June

The Keeper of tears, laugh, joy and secrets of Crestingale


She is my Red Rose, grow beautifully in my heart.
I adore and love her, FloLady Ochie
see her poisonous roses collection