Thursday, November 7, 2013

Blacken the Secret Rose (review)

Me and my flowery twinny, FloLady Ochie received these lovely, sweet golden roses

What is this?
It's actually a rose made of caramel and rose syrup, yess, rose syrup!
It's not just beautiful, it's also lovely and sweet, with an awesome petals detail,
 perfect for morning or afternoon tea companion.
(But you must have the heart to place it inside the tea.... for it will slowly melted).
The wonderful Chef Stefan Aris made this, and i really love how it taste.
Sweet and rosey!

If you don't want to use it yet,
you must keep it refrigerated.

This golden rose is also perfect for a gift!
Birthday gift, christmas, or even valentine.

If you want to order please contact Muli Ong 08121320384

* i still have 2 pieces of the roses, others were taken by my twinny and this one...
well, i (after have the heart) put it inside my english breakfast tea.

Thank you Muli and Aris!