Friday, November 9, 2012

BlackentheSilentia: 30 Days Drawing Challenge: Day 1 - 7

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#30DaysDrawingChallenge by @GambarHarian

wish me luck!

Day 1:

meet Silentia

Day 2:
Inner Beauty
"Silentia believes if people have inner beauty, they will have inner darkness too"

doesn't have time for coloring T__T

 Day 3:

Imaginary Friend
"I AM Silentia's Imaginary friend"

perhaps one day she got bored and created ME as her imaginary friend
or maybe
we're all just her imaginary friends......

HATE her here!
what's wrong with her?

 Day 4:

Super Villain
"Silentia met the Super Villains, defeated them and became the NEW Super Villain"

how come my drawing is always dirty T___T

 Day 5:

Siamese Twins
"Silentia always discussing her problems with the siamese twins fairy godmother that live inside her head."

 Day 6:

Poisonous Apples
"When Silentia becomes an elderly person, she will give poisonous apples FOR FREE"

Day 7:
Scene From A Movie
"Leave us in peace"
Grace - The Others


  1. sukaaaa bangetttt sukaaaaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaangeeeet!!! bikin buku ceritanya mak!

  2. baguss bangett :D

  3. aku suka beli loh baju di suddenly :P