Tuesday, January 25, 2011




i'm an official Cinta Bahasa Designer
I designed the Logotype and Logogram and some other stuff too
It's an honor to become the designer of this fancy school!
Thx Ljubi and Stephen!

about Cinta Bahasa:
Cinta Bahasa Indonesia is a language school providing learner-centered, immersion-oriented language services to clients who wish to quickly achieve a functional and advanced level of Indonesian language ability within a short period of time.

In keeping with Valentine's Day, Cinta Bahasa will open its classroom doors on 14 February 2011! New classes will start every two weeks after this date.

Our Beginner's course is 40 hours total and will teach you all you need to be a functional communicator.

For more information about Cinta Bahasa and our Courses, and to register and receive a discount before January 30th, please see our website at http://www.cintabahasa.com.

Ubud, Indonesia, 80571,
email: stephen@cintabahasa.com, ochie@cintabahasa.com,
twitter: cintabahasa

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