Sunday, January 29, 2012

BlackentheUnhiddenRealm (Review)

The Unhidden Realm poetry book is launched!
This lovely dark poetry book is written by my talented friend Novenia
and she asked me to draw some illustrations for her beautiful poems!
What an honor!

I also designed the book cover and back cover and the layout as well.

This self-published book has 48 dark poems
About darkest feelings that sometimes we feel it too
that's why i really like this book, cos i feel connected to most of the poems.

The poems are beautifully written, with some mythical spices here and there
So it's not just about darkness, despair and all of those negativity
it's more about the beautiful of darkness
the more you read them, the more you love them

I love all of the poems there, but my most favorite are
Ode to the Moon, Red and The Signature

It's my pleasure to announce that Suddenly and Novenia
has agreed to work together in sharing Unhidden Realm to the world
Suddenly made a dark package for only 100K you'll get the book and Suddenly bag!
So go get them!

(all of poems, pictures are copyright of Novenia & Suddenly
Do NOT use without permission)


  1. makaci ya mastaaaaaaaaaaaa
    tp g blm secanggih lo neh
    masih jauuuh
    minta dikit dong skill lo wkwkwkwk