Wednesday, February 27, 2013

BlackentheCompetition: Indonesian Art Creature by Adis

Last minute submission for Adis' Indonesian Art Creatures Competition.
The rule was: making self portrait with 10 different colours.
I hope I didn't get disqualified because I used too many shades of greys :P

I was glad i could join this competition.
This month is quiet busy, and my daughter is also sick, 
so to be able to finish this illustration at the last minute 
(literally last minute) was relieving.

These are the colours that I used
hair: soft black & medium grey, 
cat ears: peach, warm dark grey
skin: Warm light grey
face: rose pink, purple, warm light grey, warm slate grey, soft black
roses: rose pink, purple, warm light grey
thorns: red, cool silver grey, warm silver grey, warm slate grey
leaves: warm silver grey

pencil colour on BC paper
with lacey ribbon as accent.