Tuesday, May 21, 2013

BlackentheCrestfallen: A Celebration

the newest, 18 illustrations for poetry/story book
A Tale of Crestfallen by FloLady Ochie

old illustrations
really don't know what to do with them

all of the illustrations for poetry/story book A Tale of Crestfallen are finished!
am moving to the layout and final art now.

am writing this post, Emily's style, to celebrate my own works.
Sounds narcisstic but don't care.
It's been a long, flowery journey for me to finally finished these artworks.
they're not the best illustrations in the world
the skill and details are not perfect or super awesome
but love them
made them with lots of love (yes you may puke, but that's the truth)
and my ljubi's poems are so beautiful, so am enjoying every process 
of each illustration.

2010 to be exactly
I made more than 20 illustrations, with different style and used watercolors instead of pencil colors.
but before I could finished them, was hit by reality, a simple yet destructive one.
The reality that my drawing sucks, lol.
was busy with Rory and new life as a Mom, i didn't realize that now, there are many
new, young, super-talented artists, with super amazing drawing skills.
This simple reality paralysed me.
was petrified and scared of them.
well, the bottom line was, i fell into my own abyss (with magenta monster, yes)
and hibernate for a very long time (am a bear after all).

that was the time when your social links fused you a new persona
(yes i played too much Persona, so you can read it as:
that was the time when your true sisters and friends came to save your ass)

Without my ljubi FloLady Ochie, who kept encouraging me to keep drawing.
without my PIC Odilia Fenny, who kept saying that i have my own style of drawing 
without my daughter Tatiana Romanova who kept putting heart icon in every drawing I posted
without my other daughter Ipit, who even asked one of my drawing to be put in her office 
(really proud of that)
and without my Lady of the Wolf that suddenly is a big fan of Silentia
without them, i don't think i could finished these illustrations

so thank you all!
these are for you!
and let's celebrate!


  1. because that abyss of fear you have is a dark passenger who kills you and resurrects you to become a better demon over and over again, without obliterating your true evil! that's why i love the yola style that's already had its own creepy beauty since a long time ago, and keeps getting better and creepier and darker and will never stop making me wanna put big hearts on them forever ever ever <3 you're awesome!!!

    fuck the world mak! let's make sucky drawings together! :*

    1. mastaaaa
      *menangis sesenggukan*
      you're my inspiration!
      mudah2an suatu hari nanti g bisa sehandal dirimuuuuu

  2. EHHH, saya pre order bukunya yaaa!!! *angkat tangan bau ketek*

  3. wooooooooo!!!! udah terbit? :D kongreculesyennnnn :*

    1. hihihihi blm sih, msh produksi
      thx Ceciiil

  4. You always had it in you, my dark sister Yola.. I always believe in you, never forget that one.. I also believe in my flowery sister Ochie, I love you.. I love you both so much! So, congratulations for the two of you! Let's celebrate in the dark forest with freshly hunted prey and a lot of blood! #longhowls :-) :-* :-*

    Pre-order and celebration bash is on the way? hihihi..