Friday, January 3, 2014

BlackentheIllustrations: A Tale of Crestfallen Unused Part 1

 So last year I made all the illustrations for FloLady 
(my twinsister) first story book titled

The published illustrations were using colored pencils, 
but before that, I already made 21 illustrations using watercolors.

But then I had a baby, I had no time to continue the illustrations so
when I decided to draw again, i realized that the watercolors drawings were not god enough to be used.
It was my own decision and FloLady was actually said no
because she really liked them.
But I convinced her that it was the right thing to do XD

So bye bye to them, and I started to make the new ones, 
the ones that got published.

So here are some of the unused illustrations that I made for
A Tale of Crestfallen

 "A Friend"

 "A Question"


 "Blessed Thee, Crestfallen"

 "Crestfallen is Thinking of Rain"

 "Less Skinny Sinner"

"Meet Crestfallen New Friend"

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