Wednesday, September 1, 2010


So one day I opened my drawer and found so many letterset!!!
and they're all fancy and nice. I started to collect fancy letterset since kindergarten. Back then i had so many pen friends so it was just normal if i buy so many fancy letterset. After that i always bought fancy letterset everytime i went to the book store, and ended up to have a big pile of fancy letterset!!!!

And now i don't have any pen friends, thx to e-mail and facebook :P
and the letterset just sat there, looking bored and tired.
I started to think something so i can use them, so they can fulfill their destiny, although it may not be as a letter :D

And OH how i loooove laces :D :D
i started to buy laces, 2m, just for fun, and now i have many unused laces.
and i also have so many drawings that i don't know what to do with them
they just sit quietly in my clear holder
so i did this
FloLady's drawing for her announcement card is my first trial
and i hope she likes it

my fave laces of all!!!
i bought this with Odilia's mom for my dress to FloLady's party
When we asked the store how many meter we can buy it, he answered shortly, "50 yards"
We were shocked!!!
i asked again how much was it
he answered calmly, "15.000"
15.000 a yard???"

"no... 15.000 all, 50 yards..."
:D :D
heaven is on earth called tanah abang LOL


  1. aaawwwh maak beautiful maaak!
    me lopi a looooot gambarnya bajunya yang tililit lilit dan lace lace sikililing! makasiiii maaaaak!!! <3

  2. ajajjajaja
    maap pok ga rapiii
    g gitu loooooooh
    plg ga bisa deh pk gunting and cutter
    mwaaaaahh glad you love it mastaaaaaaa