Monday, September 13, 2010


“The illustrations portrayed in The Spirits do NOT represent the physical appearance of the characters, but they represent a particular part of the characters."

Many thx to Moja Ljubi FloLady Ochie for the beautiful copywritings ♥

The Spirit of Wind

She’s always around. She’s the air who can be destructive, but inside, she's soft and tender.

The Spirit of Water

She’s the element who can fit into any kind of shape. She has a big heart and doesn’t mind sharing it with those who need it

The Spirit of Stone

Firm and wise, she looks like the toughest element of all, but her heart can always be tamed by time

The Spirit of Smoke

A mystery that could never be solved. She appears and disappears in a mysterious beautiful silence

The Spirit of Rain

She blesses and curses the world with her tears. She gives life to the universe, but once she is unhappy, she could take it easily

The Spirit of Night

She represents the darkness. She watches over the dark sky but loves to confuse the travelers by hiding the stars and the moon

The Spirit of Ice

Strong and powerful. A frozen beauty that admires as well as respects by others. She freezes the hatred and releases love to the world.

The Spirit of Flower

Blooms and blossoms in every heart, brings colors, spring, and joy to the world. But her hidden thorns can bleed every heart

The Spirit of Fire

She can be the enemy or the helper. Her rage can destroy everything in sight, and can only be calmed by her opposite spirit

The Spirit of Earth

Wise and truthful, beautiful and warm. She has laid down her arms to cuddle every people no matter how painful it is

The Spirit of Cloud

She can provide the world a calm day, but can also pour her tears without mercy. She is the hope in a very sunny earth

The Spirit of Aurora

Beautiful and untouchable but able to touch the heart of her admirers. She is a heart-warmer sight in the darkest night


  1. pokonya punya guweh yang paling keren lah! *maksa* hihihi cupcupwawaw Yolipok dan Ochipok *bikin nama panggilan sembarangan*

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