Saturday, December 1, 2012

BlackentheSilentia: 30 Days Drawing Challenge: Day 22 - 30

Learn to draw by joining #30DaysDrawingChallenge by @GambarHarian
week 4!

Day 22

Red Dress
"Today, Silentia wears her red dress made from the blood of her enemies"

Day 23

Wedding Gown"Someday, Silentia will wear a wedding gown made of 100 crows"

Day 24

You and Your Fave Monster"Meet EvilEye, Silentia's fave monster."

Day 25

In the Arms of the Devil"At the end of the day, when she's tired of all the chaos,
Silentia will sleep in the arms of the Devil."

 Day 26

Secret Box

"Silentia have a secret red box that she'll open when the world ends"

Day 27

Balloon"Silentia went to outer space with a balloon"

 Day 28

Yellow Meadow

"Paint it, Black"

Day 29

You as 99 years old"(Silentia, 99yrs, Queen of the Underworld)."

Day 30
30 drawings in 30 days!!!!!!!!!
(berhubung ga ada yg motoin, jd poto g nya diwakilin gbr aja XD)

Thank you @GambarHarian for 
i had sooo much fun!

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