Friday, August 2, 2013

BlackenDeath ACT Journal

So I was really happy to be one of 25 great artists that contribute to
a charity event held by Kopi Keliling called ACT.

The donation will be given PEPA, an organization that helps Indonesian women with HIV/AIDS.
So the theme for the charity exhibition is Obituary.
All of the artists were given a sketchbook, made by the women in PEPA
and we must filled it with any thoughts, regrets, hopes, dreams, anything, 
as a legacy if we die on July 28, 2013.

So here are some of my thoughts about death inside the sketchbook.
I really didn't have the time to take photos of them all.
The sketchbooks of the 25 artists are now shown in Kedai Tjikini.

 "Dress up for Death"
so yeah, when I die, I wanna take some post mortem photos with me 
wearing my best black lacey dress.

(left): My fave quote from my fave game: P3
"I have a feeling that Death is near."
well, can't be too serious for 40 pages, right ;)

 "death will guide you..."

  "Death has many faces."

 Wishlist before I die #4

  Wishlist before I die #5

  The cover

"Do not fear Death, for she is fair and just."
I think Death Angel, or Grim Reaper, or whatever you called her, 
I don't think she's scary or evil or cruel.
She is simply doing her job, and she doesn't discriminate people.
Whoever you are, no matter how rich or pretty or success, you will die one day.
So here, I drew her as a beautiful, wise angel.
But that's just my thoughts...

After finished with the journal sketchbook,
the artists must create an illustration of their own Obituary.
And these artworks will be put in a silent auction where all the money
will be donated to PEPA and Dompet Dhuafa.

ACT Exhbition was held at Kedai Tjikini.
It was so much fun doing it, and such an honour to be part of ACT.
Thank you Kopi Keliling!

*sorry for the bad photos, I didn't have time to take some good pictures since
the deadline was so tight. 40 pages of A5 journal in 10 days only.
So glad I finished it.


  1. maaak... mau dong jurnal lu mau dong dong dong *berkaca kaca

    1. hihihihi kl bisa dah g kasi deh buatmu nak <3