Friday, August 2, 2013

BlackentheDress: Batik Batik Summer Sweetheart Collections

Last year I got a chance to design Batik dress for a new Australian brand: Batik Batik.
The concept of the dress was fun, simple, a little bit bohemian touch, young and modern.
These are the 8 designs that were approved and made into real dresses.
Batik Batik uses 100% ‘Hand-written’ Indonesian Batik in high quality cotton and makes only one item per design with a handcrafted Batik fabric that cannot be remade.
Visit for more Batik dresses.
Thank you Odilia, Ocha and of course, the owner of Batik Batik herself: Tirta,
for trusting me with this awesome project.

 the draft designs


  1. suka banget sama model amarantus n bouvardia..
    hiks T.T sayangnya harganya lumayan..

    1. hihihih thx ya dear.
      Iya sih soalnya batik tulis dan cuma dibikin 1 piece per design :)