Friday, August 2, 2013

BlackentheACT: The End?

So here it is
the final result after doing the Blacken Death Journal

My Obituary artwork for ACT by Kopi Keliling
"The End?"

yes, the end, with question mark.
why the question mark?
well people always fear of the unknown, and we know nothing about death. 
When will we die?
How? Where? Why?
What happen after we die?
And many other questions.

 Because to answer every question regarding death, means we have to experience it ourselves. 
As I quote from Silentia, "I do not fear Death, rather fear its uncertainty."

So, this will be my obituary:
RIP, Yola. 
Is this the end for her? Or is she entering a new beginning? 
Or is she starting to haunt us as a ghost? Or is she reincarnating as a black cat? 
I guess we'll never know... until we too, die.

This artwork, along with other 24 great artworks
are ready to be auctioned.
All the money will be donated to PEPA and Dompet Dhuafa.
So let's join the silent bid.

at Kedai Tjikini

Presenting my PIC
(partner in crime): Odilia Fenny and my idol in illustration: Tatiana.
Thx for coming girrrlsss

 Odilia, me and Rory

 Me, me hubby and Rory.

all photos are taken by my hubby, Iyan.

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  1. omg. itu dosen gue.. Kak Iyan.. what a small world!! >.<