Wednesday, August 21, 2013

BlackentheBacktoBasic: Envy


When I heard that ArtMedium Design is gonna celebrate their 8th birthday, I was really envy.
So that's my concept for my vinyl illustration collage.

Envy is visualized as a bird, creating a hole inside us.
It destroys us, but, if we use it in a right way,
we can change it into motivation to be better.

Since this is a re-use art, so I'm using unused stuffs such as
unused laces and craft papers.

BACK to BASIC #2: ReuseArt Vinyl
Collage with craft papers, rose laces, with color pencil illustration

Artmedium Store collaborates with 30 Indonesian Artists

to make a reuseart from Vinyl 
and to celebrate Artmedium 8th yrs Anniversary 
Please come and enjoy !

Opening, 13 October 2013, 3pm-10pm at Tryst's Resto & Gallery, Kemang Utara